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Monthly Meditation Gathering

Welcome to our Monthly Meditation gathering.  Each month I will be offering a new Guided Meditation for your use, to experience a sense of deeper relaxation and peaceful inner awareness.  The more Peace you experience in your own body; your own life, the more Peace you will bring into the World.  It cannot be otherwise.  Peace within = Peace without.  This is my purpose and intention for our meditations - to bring a deeper sense of Peace, Beauty and Love to our Planet through you!

I am excited to be a part of this experience for you and am looking forward to hearing from you - comments and ideas.  I am also open to requests for a particular focus or topic for our monthly meditations.  Thank you for listening!  I wish you Peace !




October 2017 - Healing Garden 15 minutes

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August 2017 - Relaxation  21 minutes

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