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Services Provided

If you think you can do a thing....or....you think you cannot do a thing....you are right!            Henry Ford

The Center For Mindful Healing 

Providing Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression as Therapy
Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Somatic Healing Hypnotherapy
Shamanic Training

Day or Weekend Intensives


Watch EFT demonstration:

 http://youtu.be/qHtcsGV5rcA . 


Hypnosis has been called the "New Way to Successful Living". 

 It can bring great benefits to your life - more energy, better health, lasting peace of mind, success and happiness. 

 It is using the vast potential of your mind to reshape your reality. 
There is almost no limit to what you can do when you use hypnosis to help you accomplish your heart's desire - it can release that hidden potential within you! 

 You will learn how to bypass your conscious thoughts and tap into your subconscious mind - to re program yourself for the life you have always wanted to live! 
It's fun, easy and life-changing!


Specialty Areas for Transformation


· Improve Self–Esteem and Self–Confidence

· Eliminate Apprehensions and Fears

· Overcome Grief

· Performance Enhancement

· Past Life Exploration
Regression Therapy





Self Hypnosis

· Working with Chemotherapy Patients

· Pain Management

· Pre-Op/ Post-Op and Surgery

· Release Old Thought Patterns

· Transformational Healing




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