Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Take a Journey Through Your Past

 Many people with diverse philosophies believe in the idea of reincarnation! The basic belief is that we are a Divine Soul having a human experience and that living through many lifetimes, in many bodies, with many experiences different from our present ones throughout the ages can be a very powerful healing tool – This is called a Past Life Regression. What we've learned is how profound an impact a Past Life can have on our present life; our body, our mind, our circumstances and even our personalities, fears, phobias and relationships! Under hypnosis, a person is taken back ( regressed) to a previous experience that the Soul remembers. . By delving into the past memories of that previous lifetime, we may be able to unlock the key to what is holding us back in our current lifetime. We may be able to unlock the memories of other times, other relationships, other events that have a profound effect on this present lifetime! It is a powerful way to heal old wounds and free our energy to enjoy and be fully present in this life. Experiencing a Past Life Regression can change our entire view of the world we live in, presently. This process of healing and transformation is often seen as Deeply Spiritual work, freeing, enlivening, guiding us to better understanding of who we are and clearing the path to who we wish to become!

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Is Past Life Regression Therapy for you? 

(From The Past Life Perspective by Ann Barham)

  1. Have you met someone for the first time and felt like you had an instant bond or attraction?
  2. Do you have enduring conflict with close family members?
  3. Do you have chronic physical ailments that the doctors can’t seem to resolve?
  4. Are there certain parts of the world you ‘must see’ or are never interested in visiting?
  5. Do you repeat the same challenging pattern in relationships, over and over, despite your best efforts?
  6. Do you struggle with your weight?
  7. Are you afraid to commit to a love relationship?
  8. Are there certain talents and skills that you just ‘come by naturally?’
  9. Do you have unusual birthmarks?
  10. Are you searching for your life purpose?
  11. Do you feel like you’ll never find your life partner?
  12. Have you had an immediate negative reaction to someone for no apparent reason?
  13. Are you afraid to, or have difficulty, having children?
  14. Would you like to experience the kind of spiritual connection many NDE (near death experience) survivors describe, without the trauma?
  15. Are you challenged with enduring grief over the loss of a loved one who has died?
  16. Do you have numerous injuries or accidents?
  17. Do you have recurring dreams, especially with the same people, places, or situations occurring?
  18. Are there certain time periods that fascinate you? (WWI, Czarist Russia, the Italian Renaissance, for example?)
  19. Would you like to lose your fear of death?
  20. Do you wonder who is in your ‘soul group?’
  21. Do you have unexplained phobias?
  22. Have you battled with depression, guilt, or anxiety that doesn’t point clearly to current life issues?
  23. Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection?
  24. Are you challenged by self-limiting attitudes and beliefs?
  25. Are you just really curious about past lives?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you might want to consider a past life session of your own.

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